Privacy Policy

1. What information is collected and why?

We’re established in the Netherlands and we keep our Services logs-free. We don’t collect any information that could lead us to know what you’re up to online.

OneConnect respects your privacy, therefore we are committed to not process any information related to the online activity of our users. OneConnect is based in the jurisdiction, which does not require information storage or reporting. We do not collect any information about what you do online (your visited IP addresses, browsing history, session information, used bandwidth, connection time stamps, network traffic or any other similar information).

Our servers do store information about App Owner/Developer Information which Plan they are using and Their Registration Details, We don't store any user's log And be assured that no information is stored about the websites you visit.

2. How long do we store App Owner/Developer's ?

Information Retention

 Please keep in mind, that one of our most important principles is No-logs Policy, therefore we collect only the minimum amount of information about App Owner/Developer, which is required to provide by App Owner/Developer with our Services.

We apply different retention periods depending on the purpose for which App Owner/Developer's information is processed as detailed in Clause 1 of this Policy:

When you use OneConnect Alert, we do not store monitored data (or any related additional information) on our platform, unless you choose to save it there for consistent monitoring.

If you request, we will delete App Owner/Developer's information specified in Clause 1, unless, we are legally required to maintain certain App Owner/Developer's, including situations such as the following:

  • If there is an unresolved issue relating to your account, such as an outstanding credit on your account or an unresolved claim or dispute, we will retain the necessary personal information about App Owner/Developer until the issue is resolved;
  • Where we are required to retain the personal information about you for our legal, tax, audit, and accounting obligations, we will retain only the necessary personal information for the period required by applicable law; and/or,
  • Where necessary for our legitimate business interests such as fraud prevention or to maintain the security of our users.

3. When was this policy last updated?

Keep in mind that we can update this Policy in the future & check it regularly.

Dec 2, 2021.